Over 20 years operating in the Great Caribbean, and Latin American professional environments

How may I assist you today?

Communication and professional environment

I am currently dedicating part of my time to the promotion of the development of non-technical skills and safety in an operational environment. I am also supporting initiations in a professional environment through activities that aim to guide young people, sponsor opportunities, support orientation, development of Vision, Projection etc.

Communication and networking

I have collaborated with colleagues located in North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean, I already have in these regions a network of reliable human resources with high level of professionalism. My personal and professional interests, my experience, my studies and researches pushed me towards the idea of ​​becoming a specialist of the great Caribbean, especially in Panama and the Dominican Republic. I am currently working on personal and group projects. I am also open to any partnership and or collaboration related to the fields or types of activities mentioned above.

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